Christmas wines: stock up now before they sell out

Thanks to Covid, your favourite wines are selling out more quickly than ever. Time to start squirrelling for Christmas, or take a chance on comparable varieties

One of the more frustrating things about writing this wine column – for you as well as for me – is that, for one reason or another, some wines I recommend don’t always turn out to be available: not every wine is stocked in every branch, for example. But there’s a new problem and, on the face of it, an unlikely one in these hard times: wines are selling out quicker than ever.

At a recent Wine Society tasting, one of the wines they’d lined up to show us had already sold out. The Society has had a record year, with sales in April, when they traded for only half the month, higher than in the same period in 2019. August was the equivalent to the average December. It’s not comparable to the loo roll panic, obviously – there is still plenty of wine out there – but it could mean there’s no more stock of a wine you’ve particularly enjoyed. It really is a case of WIGIG (when it’s gone it’s gone).

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Source: theguardian
Christmas wines: stock up now before they sell out