Felicity Cloake's perfect sweet potato fries – recipe

Creamier (and, whisper it, healthier) than regular fries, sweet potatoes are the perfect nibble all year round

Until recently, I was suspicious of sweet potato fries as a concept: they seemed a misguided attempt to make chips healthy, with recipes that sang the praises of “non-starchy carbs” inevitably turning out sadly soggy results.

Frankly, five-a-day points aren’t one of the things I look for in a fish supper – that’s what mushy peas were invented for, surely. Then, while travelling in the Caribbean, I had a revelation: crisp sweet potato fries that made a virtue of the tuber’s natural sugars to give a deliciously caramelised result. They weren’t trying to be potato chips – which is fortunate, because their strong flavour and dense, creamy texture is never going to fool anyone – but this time, they were just as delicious.

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Source: theguardian
Felicity Cloake's perfect sweet potato fries – recipe