Fitness festival reignites call for health and well-being

Mon, 2020-06-15 00:18

JEDDAH: Trainers, chefs, athletes and therapists united to provide three days of virtual talks, workout segments and more as part of an initiative to keep people moving and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) has been leading a number of campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle in the Kingdom and to encourage everybody to keep active, especially during these trying times.
The KSA Women’s Fitness Festival, one of SFA’s recent virtual events, brought together a number of the Kingdom’s and region’s best female athletes, nutritionists, therapists, trainers and more under one platform for a three-day virtual event that focused on well-being, fitness and inspirational talks from top industry leaders.
As many women try to find time to incorporate some physical activity into their daily schedule, workout segments were provided by top trainers such as Amal Baatia, Haya Sawan, Manal Rostom, Najia Alfadl, Nelly Attar and Tracy Harmoush, who joined in from Dubai and gave a calisthenics flow session for viewers.
Haya Sawan, founder of Jeddah’s Shefit Gym told Arab News that her “Mommy and me” sessions were aimed at encouraging children to start learning how to be active, with the added bonus of spending quality time with their mothers.
“As far as Mommy and me classes go, I was excited to introduce functional training as it can be designed easily to fit all ages. I’ve always encouraged everyone to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I was excited to get the younger generation moving,” said Sawan.
“Through simple easy movements using tools from around the house, the sessions were fun and it also allowed kids to get involved. I liked how the SFA and I were on the same level. Times are tough and a lot of people are at home and unmotivated, but through this initiative, it got people moving a bit.”
The festival, as Sawan said, is one that could help a lot of people not only to look at a range of workouts, but also to educate themselves and try out something new that could be part of an evolving lifestyle change to a healthier self, as the large number of sessions catered to a wide group of people.
Over the course of three days, participants enjoyed sessions on meal prepping and nutrition with Nawal Alkhalawi, where she explained simple ways to create healthy and delicious meals at home.


The KSA Women’s Fitness Festival, one of SFA’s recent virtual events, brought together a number of the Kingdom’s and region’s best female athletes, nutritionists, therapists and trainers under one platform.

With her background in gastronomy, nutrition and food trends from Le Cordon Bleu, the culinary school in London, she raises awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy meal regimen using everyday ingredients.
“Cooking your own healthy food is simpler than one thinks. My message through my health coaching practice is to go back to nature, it’s actually very simple and doesn’t require a lot of education,” she said.
“The message that I wanted to relay through this event is to provide a solution for busy individuals and for people who care about what they’re intaking. It’s easy eating balanced meals without it being a chore. Eating diverse and natural food is always the best way,” she added.
Najia AlFadl is described as one of the new breed of young Saudi athletes and coaches in Saudi’s fitness scene, and her HIIT workout brought another level of intensity to the sessions, allowing viewers to get a glimpse of the effectiveness of high intensity workouts.
“One of the rules I go by is variation, because it’s important to keep our bodies exposed to different types of workouts, learn different skills and develop further in your preferred practice,” said Alfadl. “This festival encourages women to be active even during a pandemic and it helps build a generation of active members and builds a stronger community which is what women want to be a part of.”
The live streams are available on the festival’s YouTube page.
As part of the Quality of Life program of Saudi Vision 2030, the SFA continues to focus on increasing the health and wellness of the residents of the Kingdom through education, community volunteering, fitness and wellbeing and health campaigns for all segments of society.

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Saudi sports federation promotes healthy homebound livingSaudi sports federation launches campaigns to keep people active while on coronavirus lockdown
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Fitness festival reignites call for health and well-being