How to bake a summer picnic quiche

Stop thinking of quiche as a tart, but as a baked custard in a pastry shell, and you’re halfway to summer perfection

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My quiche always turns out stodgy or watery. Where am I going wrong?
Rosie, Bicester, Oxfordshire 

“Quiche has been a great boon these last few months,” says Jeremy Lee, head chef of London’s Quo Vadis, whose lockdown adventures have included classic lorraine, greens, potato and cheddar, and asparagus. Done correctly, Lee says, quiche is a thing of beauty, but its reputation has been bruised by indigestible, meanly filled supermarket offerings (or, as he puts it, “utterly lifeless matter”), so Rosie is right to persevere.

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Source: theguardian
How to bake a summer picnic quiche