Kim-Joy's recipe for Easter cheesecake eggs

If you’ve never made Easter eggs, now is the time to start. It’s easier than you’d imagine – and this delicious recipe includes vegan and gluten-free options

Tiny cream ducklings nestled in cheesecake inside chocolate eggs – surely that’s worth having a quack at? These look a little challenging to make, but when you break down the steps, they are not too difficult. The hardest part is tempering the chocolate, but you can use compound chocolate to make things quicker and easier. And if you haven’t got the moulds mentioned below, you can always fill a shop-bought Easter egg. There’s nothing wrong with shortcuts, especially now. There are a few other options here to help you get round any shortages of ingredients.

Makes: 8 mini-eggs

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Source: theguardian
Kim-Joy's recipe for Easter cheesecake eggs