Meera Sodha's vegan store-cupboard recipes for lockdown

Our columnist picks her favourite recipes for store-cupboard vegan cooking, plus tips from the Guardian’s Kitchen Aide on how to make easy changes to them

If you saw my mother’s store-cupboards, you might think she’s been in lockdown for years. Each one is like Narnia: from the outside, you would not know of the vast world that lies behind. There are thigh-high buckets full of rice and chapati flour, three-litre jars (four across and four deep) of all the pulses, rice and spices available in the modern world, and a whole shelf dedicated to value kitchen roll.

In her defence, her family, like many political refugees, have seen real hardship and her bulk-buying comes, in part, from needing to find a smarter way to cook and save, but also from a deep-seated fear, much like we’re all experiencing now, of potentially going hungry.

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Source: theguardian
Meera Sodha's vegan store-cupboard recipes for lockdown