Psychologist’s guide to returning to office after COVID-19 pandemic

Sat, 2020-06-13 15:39

DUBAI: After weeks at home, the idea of returning to work can naturally feel daunting. Others may start feeling excited about the prospect. After all, being around people can be very uplifting, creating an energy in you that you may have struggled to ignite at home. Here, I provide a guide on how to prepare yourself mentally as you begin your transition back to work.

Mindset is everything. You have the power to shift your thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself. Take some time in silence and stillness, listen to that little voice in your head. Write down all your thoughts around returning to work. Ask yourself the following questions: Are these thoughts true and helpful? What is the reality? Who am I without the thoughts that are untrue?

Kick-start your routine of healthy eating and sleeping. This will have a positive impact on your vitality and well-being. When we are well-rested and nourished, our strengthened immunity gives us the mental grit and resilience to deal with the nuances of change.

Practice affirming. Psychologists have shown that by affirming daily we influence our mindset, which impacts our attitude, behaviors and ultimately our results. Some examples of positive affirmations include: “I am peaceful and content” and “I let go of thoughts and feelings that do not serve me.”

Make a list of things that you are thankful for every day. When we are able to extract what we are grateful for, our mind opens up to the beauty of life and “what is.” Our subconscious mind will want to attach labels to experiences we are entering, especially if it is a big change from what we are used to. Focus on what is working and going well and you will find that this attitude of gratitude brings more goodness and positivity to your experience.

Lastly, draw from your learnings over the last few months of how you effectively worked from home amid a global pandemic. Ask yourself: What did I do to help myself during this transition, what particular self-care habits have served me and how will I maintain these?

Follow these steps and you will bounce back in no time at all.

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Psychologist’s guide to returning to office after COVID-19 pandemic