Ramadan recipes: Arabic mixed grill from Syrian chef Zafer Al-Fares

Tue, 2020-05-19 08:56

DUBAI: Arabic mixed grill is a dinner table staple in many households across the region. Boasting a richly-spiced assortment of grilled meat, this dish is best served with a steaming plate of crunchy fries and garlic dipping sauce. Try this recipe from Chef Zafer Al-Fares, sous chef at Ajman’s Radisson Blu hotel. If you don’t have a barbeque, you can always grill the meat in an oven. 


80 grams minced lamb       

70 grams boneless lamb, cubed      

80 grams chicken breast, cubed

125 grams lamb chop                

1 onion                  

1 tomato                  


1 ½ tablespoon of yoghurt                     

2 teaspoons of corn oil                   

Teaspoon of salt                  

Teaspoon of black pepper                    

Teaspoon of nutmeg powder                     

Teaspoon of chili paste                     

Garlic, chopped                    

½ tablespoon of vinegar                                        


1. In a bowl, add minced lamb, onion, parsley, salt and black pepper. Mix well until it is a smooth dough. Divide into ovals and allow to chill in a cool temperature for 30 minutes.               

2. In a separate mixing bowl, marinate the lamb cubes with onion, oil, salt, black pepper and nutmeg powder.  

3. In another bowl, marinate the lamb chop with oil, onion, salt, chili paste and black pepper powder.      

4. Marinate the chicken cubes with yoghurt, vinegar, salt, corn oil, black pepper and garlic in a separate mixing bowl.                     

5. Cut an onion and a tomato in half, season them with salt, pepper and oil.

6. Thread your lamb kebab, lamb chop, kofta, and chicken kebab in metal skewers, alternating meat cubes with tomato and onion.  

7. Heat the BBQ grill and when ready, place the skewers on the grill and cook on each side for two to three minutes.      

8. Garnish with parsley sprig and serve with garlic sauce and fries on the side.

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Source: AN-Food and Health
Ramadan recipes: Arabic mixed grill from Syrian chef Zafer Al-Fares