What We Are Eating Today: Dots doughnuts

Fri, 2020-10-16 00:55

If it is fresh, hand-crafted doughnuts you crave, Dots in Jeddah hits the spot.
The artisan doughnut shop, located in the city’s Ash Shati district, offers a range of recipes and flavors to satisfy most tastes.
Minis, topped, filled, rounded, balls, and square shape, Dots’ products come in a variety of flavors that include strawberry shortcake, pistachio raspberry, sunflower seeds, banana fritter, and lemon and sea salt.
A best-seller is its birthday cake doughnut, topped with sprinkles and filled with vanilla cream for an anniversary treat. There is also the option to have vanilla ice cream in the middle.
Dots’ cake-texture doughnuts melt in the mouth and the company’s DIY fun kit contains 10 frozen doughs, complete with glazing and topping, that customers can deep-fry at home.
The shop also offers cold-brew coffees, iced tea, and hot drinks, and products are available via delivery apps Mrsool and Lugmety.

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Source: AN-Food and Health
What We Are Eating Today: Dots doughnuts