What We Are Eating Today: Dozen Donut Cafe

Fri, 2020-08-28 02:12

If you are having a tough day and want to give yourself a treat, try Dozen Donut Cafe, which serves the most delicious gourmet artisan donuts.
The cafe is the first Saudi artesian donut business in Alkhobar, inspired by versions from around the globe.
Instead of the traditional round variety, donuts come in a square shape with more than 12 flavors including raspberry, Nutella, vanilla custard, shortcake and cheesecake. They are handmade, with care given to the smallest details.
The cafe offers options that cannot be found in similar shops — such as custom letter donuts of different sizes, colors, topping, fillings and themes of your choice.
The business also offers three-layered donuts, baby donuts and XXL donuts made for special occasions.
If you were thinking of treating your best friend to a special celebration surprise, it’s worth considering the three-layered birthday cake donut, topped with a pink glaze and rainbow sprinkles.
The menu changes every month as they come up with new flavors such as citrus meringue, tiramisu, raspberry pistachio, blueberry swirl and crunchy crunch, a dark chocolate donut with crispy salty chips.
To learn more about Dozen Donut Cafe, visit their Instagram account @dozen.sa.

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Source: AN-Food and Health
What We Are Eating Today: Dozen Donut Cafe