What We Are Eating Today: Pink Camel

Sat, 2020-07-25 00:31

The Pink Camel cafe has elevated the art of pastry cooking in the Kingdom. Everything from the cafe’s exquisite interior to its superb range of produce tells a tale of class and authenticity.
The cafe provides more than high-quality desserts. The entire experience is bound to delight customers, starting at the entrance with a rose pink wall. The rest of the boutique store is adorned with greenery and color-coordinated furniture.
Staff are friendly and helpful. As someone with a sweet tooth and a picky taste, I was surprised by the flavor of most of the things a friend and I tried.
The cafe offers a variety of macaroons, ranging from local options like the Halawa Tahinia macaroon, to international-inspired flavors such as salted caramel and pistachio.
Pink Camel has also upped its pastry game by offering macaroon ice creams, with gluten-free options for those watching their diet.
Another thing I enjoyed from their bakery was the Nutella loaf cake, a soft-chocolate sponge decorated with swirls of Nutella. Coffee is freshly brewed by professionals, who serve an unbeatable brew.
Pink Camel is located on Ibrahim Al-Jaffali Road in Al-Andalus district, Jeddah.

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Source: AN-Food and Health
What We Are Eating Today: Pink Camel