What We Are Eating Today: Sugar Math

Sat, 2020-07-18 00:50

When it comes crafting healthy sweets and high-quality chocolates without additives the Saudi brains behind the Sugar Math project claim to have got their sums right.
The venture offers nutritious desserts and food products using original ingredients that are free of sugar, preservatives, and additives.
Rich in vitamins and minerals, with natural flavors, and containing no sugar, oils, dairy, eggs, cholesterol, soy, or gluten, Sugar Math produces healthy eating options ideal for people with a sweet tooth or on a diet.
The business’ recipe for success has come from solving the equation of the unhealthy sweet taste derived from refined sugar in desserts by replacing it with dates as the main natural sweetener ingredient in its products.
It offers four main sweets that are low in calories and fat and made of natural, vegan, and healthy ingredients, including chocolate sauce, brownies, nut cookies, and energy balls in a variety of flavors.
Sugar Math brownies are made of 100 percent raw cocoa and cacao nibs, dates, sesame tahini, hazelnut milk, chia seeds, natural vanilla extract, and sea salt.
Its signature product is energy balls which work as a great snack when out and about and come in dark and hazelnut chocolate, cinnamon, pistachio, lemon, and coconut flavors, each mixed with a nut choice.  
Sugar Math products are available at www.sugarmath-store.com

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Source: AN-Food and Health
What We Are Eating Today: Sugar Math