Where We Are Going Today: Burnt

Sat, 2020-11-14 00:10

Discerning diners with a burning desire for gastronomic delights now have a tasty new restaurant to sample in Jeddah.
Burnt offers creative international cuisine with an affordable choice of small-portioned mains.
Artistic plating techniques add to the whole eating experience which includes a variety of flavorsome dishes with a difference such as Burnt’s signature salad containing crispy fried kale, pomegranate, nuts, and cherry tomatoes.
Distinct desserts include hot and cold honey chips of fried potato loops, spicy salted caramel, and a large vanilla ice cream scoop in the middle.
The restaurant surroundings are cozy and luxurious, and a second floor eating area has trailer-like tables with wooden frames that create the feel of a dining capsule.
Located on Prince Sultan Road in Jeddah, pre-booking is essential. For more information visit Instagram @burnt.sa

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Source: AN-Food and Health
Where We Are Going Today: Burnt