Where We Are Going Today: Coffee Warehouse

Sat, 2020-09-05 00:05

If you are a coffee connoisseur looking for a quiet, interesting cafe in Dammam that offers exquisite tastes, the Coffee Warehouse is just the place.
There is nothing like the smell of the freshly roasted coffee beans, and that is the first thing you notice when you arrive. The decor, inspired by the look of 19th-century European and American coffee warehouses, is just as distinctive.
It also features a collage art project depicting the history of coffee. Combining art with information, it was created by Saudi artist Hajer Al-Ibrahim following exhaustive research into the subject.
Coffee is the main focus here, of course, and there are many options to choose from. Fans of iced coffee who like a big shot of caffeine should try the cold brew, which has a perfectly balanced taste and will quench your thirst during the hot summer months. Enjoy it in the cafe or grab one to go in an interestingly shaped glass bottle.
The cafe also sells its own-brand roasted coffee beans for you to enjoy at home, along with coffee-making accessories and a range of snacks, including croissants, salads, sandwiches and cakes. The cafe is spread over two floors, so there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy your coffee — the second floor is a great spot to work or study.

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Source: AN-Food and Health
Where We Are Going Today: Coffee Warehouse