Where We Are Going Today: Hamed Ya Onab

Sat, 2020-09-12 01:21

Hamed Ya Onab is a grab-and-go shop that offers a choice of the classic Greek appetizer wara’a onab, or stuffed vine leaves.
After it was launched in early 2020, the Jeddah outlet came up with a range of flavors for its offerings, including sour, spicy, sweet, classic, tamarind, crunch and fatta.
The signature order, fatta, consists of layers of stuffed vine leaves, seasoned yogurt and crunchy fried bread.
Hamed Ya Onab also offers “lite” vine leaves, with less rice, as well as a version that replaces rice with chopped cabbage. The result is a Mideastern dish that is served in a modern way while keeping the main ingredients the same.
Tasty Shami dishes, such as stuffed cabbage leaves, shishbarak and harraq isbao, are also popular.
Hamed Ya Onab has two branches in Jeddah in Al-Rawdah district and Obhur. It also offers a “happiness box” with six flavors of your choice.
Customized orders for parties and weddings are available at Lugmety, Mowjood and Jahez.

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Source: AN-Food and Health
Where We Are Going Today: Hamed Ya Onab